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What We Provide

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Themed Balloon Decor

We bring our customers vision to light matching whatever them for each event with custom and personalized balloons.

Seasonal Balloons

We make unique gifts for the Holidays with our Stuffed Balloons which can be stuffed with clothes, shoes, stuffed animals candy, etc. We also offer balloons for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, New Years, Valentine’s Day Halloween, etc.

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Venue Decor

We offer themed décor with personalized and custom centerpieces, chair covers, chair bands, and runners to coordinate with each event.

How We Service

Donetta Graves

"Tenesha is good at what she does. Excellent work"

Nicole Hatchett Fields

Tenesha is AMAZING! She truly takes your simple idea and makes a breathtaking visual. Her vision is like no other. PLUS, these balloons last FOREVER! If you want to elevate your events contact Tenesha Marshall Creations. She is the BEST!

Ashley Dearinger

Tenesha is easy to work with, has great ideas, and makes every event come to life with her unique balloon art. Not only is she great as a vendor, but also as a community partner. 

Our Inspiration

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